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Smart-NiC services and products are "Made in Germany"!

Germans are known for superior engineering and attention to even the tiniest details.  The Smart-NiC focus is a step-by-step process to make sure that we’ve thought of every possible tool and function. We deliver the most exceptional domain management products to you. Our habit of excellence carries through to our customer service and of course, our relationship with you.  And while Germany is known for many other traditions, we can dispel the rumour that Lederhosen are the ultimate in German fashion.

Our “Absolute Transparent Cost” Promise

It’s a fact: Smart-NiC doesn’t bury costs! There are no “embedded calculations” or hidden fees.  Smart-NiC offers domains for a very low price and charges a fixed monthly domain management fee based on the options you choose, and nothing more. With our transparent cost promise, you can be assured that you pay for only what you use. Because life is complicated enough, your domain management shouldn’t be.

A Domain Management System with I.Q.

Built to be intuitive and easy to follow, our smart interfaces recognize any registration obligations or errors and guide you through the steps to satisfy those requirements. With the Smart-NiC domain management system, you can be assured that each and every domain registry will be within the correct operating and registration parameters. Register your domain in real-time and access your domain manager: anywhere, anytime. With a connection to the web, you can manage your portfolio with ease!

Our information is Your Information

Smart-Nic has amassed a knowledge base to help with simple questions or comprehensive information regarding TLDs (Top Level Domains). As our partner and customer, you have access to our extensive online Wikipedia anytime. As experts in domains and domain management systems, it’s our task to share education and information. We Wiki so you won’t have to.

Where “We Value You” is More Than Just a Phrase

The Smart-NiC philosophy is to consider each client as an associate. We believe that truth and clarity are complimentary and use this as a basis of our relationship with you.  We establish and maintain a clear understanding of all conditions, stipulations and pricing structure throughout our relationship. Smart-NiC is designed around building and growing relationships with clients. We’ve built our reputation around helping our clients build theirs.

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